Fashion Fast Forward 2017

Fashion Fast Forward 2017

KollyBollyEthncis see some fashion trends which is going to dominate Indian ethnic industry in 2017. As every year the gap between Hollywood and Bollywood is narrowing, there are some Hollywood trends are going to have much impact on Bollywood, to prove that bollywood actor/actress are moving to Hollywood and vice versa.

This trends does not leave the fashion industries too, there are lot of western fashion trends are going to impact the Indian ethnic industry.  Fashion lovers can see lot of western style clothing trends are introduced in Indian ethnics

Waist Highlighters
Ethnic wear highlights waist are going to to be new trends in 2017


Gown Style Lehengas
There are some dresses which can be classified under anarkali as well as gowns are going to be new trends in 2017

Dresses which decorate shoulders will be trending in 2017, Combinations of the lehenga with store pattern will be trending.