Dashain or Dussehra or Durga Pooja or Bijaya Dasami all meant the same chain of festivals in India and Nepal. Dashain is celebrated by Hindus all over the world, but it is the longest and most anticipated and most auspicious festival in Nepal and India. The festival is celebrated for 15 days in Nepal. During Dashain all offices remain closed for celebration. The festival is not having any fixed date every year but based the movement of the moon, the days are calculated and date is fixed on the year. Every year Dashain starts from the bright lunar fortnight and ends on full moon day. As per Hindu terminology it starts from shukla paksha and ends on Purnima. From the day when the moon started to grow and reaches full moon, the total 15 days will be celebrated for Dashain, Because of following the lunar cycle of days, Dashain will not be having any fixed date every year but the end of September or Starting of October when the waxing of moon period comes those fortnight will be celebrated.The celebration goes like this First 9 days called Navaratri, Nava means 9 and Ratri means night, 9 nights Pooja will be offered for goddess Durga and 10 days is Dasami, the day goddess Durga defeats the demon Mahisasuru. The victory is celebrated for next 5 days.

                    Navaratri(9 Days) +  Dasami (1 Days) + Celebration (5 days).

During the 9 days First and Seventh and eighth and ninth days are important. Continue to read why these days are important..


A Kalash (Small Pot) is filled with holy water and pot kalasha is covered with cow-dung and placed in a rectangular Sand block sewn with grains and barley seeds on cow-dung. The first day the Pooja starts and asked goddess Durga to bless the vessel with her presence. it is believed that goddess Durga resides in the pot during the Navaratri days. Women and outside family members are not allowed to see the Kalasha after that, Elder male family member is allowed to see and worship the Kalasha twice a day. But nowadays elder family women members are allowed to do the worship. The kalasha is kept away from sunlight the Holi water is offered every day, this continues for rest of 6 days.

Fulpati (07-Oct-2016)

The traditional way existed before 2008 (King Era) for celebrating fulpati is different from the day how fulpati is being celebrated as on today. During King Era the kalash with banana stalks was brought along with is other Pooja things to Hanuman Dhoka after long holy walk and King used to observe the ceremony and Nepalese army used to fire the weapon to honor the celebration.After the king Era, now the same Kalash is brought to president house. The president used to observe the ceremony.

Maha Asthami  (08-Oct-2016)

During this celebration all goats and hens and buffaloes are sacrificed to god and cooked for prasad.

Maha Navami (09-Oct-2016)

This day is also known as Demon-hunting day. It is believed that during this day the defeated demons are hiding under animal bodies and fowls, buffaloes are sacrificed under gunfire salutes during this day. All weapons and Instruments,machines, tools, equipment and vehicles are offered with fowl blood's worship, The Taleju temple is opened only on this day for worship to general public

Vijaya Dasami (10-Oct-2016)

This day is the official marking of the victory of Durga over Mahisasura. From this day the celebration starts and it continues until the full moon day.  Elder women in Nepal prepares a composite of rice, yogurt and vermilion, the preparation is called Tika. The elders used to bless the younger with the mixture in forehead.

Kojakrat (15-Oct-2016)

This day is the mark of the celebration ends, last day of the festival, this is celebrated on the full moon day. During this day all people awake during nights and it is believed that the goddess Laxmi who is responsible for people wealth will come to earth and give wealth and prosperity to the people who awake during the night.

Overall Dashain is celebrated for the victory of the Durga (Divine) over Mahisasura(Demon).  During the last five days of this festival people wear new clothes and celebrate. It is a huge market for textile across the country. By keeping that in mind all new designs are introduced for people. We as kollybollyethnics also introduces new varieties for dress for the all the people who celebrate Dashain and Diwali and Dussehra .

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Dashain is not only a religious festival in nepal but also a nation holiday. Dashain is also known as
Badadashain, Dussehra and Vijaya Dasami.

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